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Welcome to my blog. You've stuck in my unprivate diary. be nice here :) Imma Kpopers. I ship WooGyu and MyungYeol ^_^

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Status : KPOP is not just a music, it's a FAMILY :)

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Ayo-Kpopers !


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Missing you !!

Hye !! ermm.. bosanlah.. aku nak citer pasal Yoseob aku yg cumel bleyh? hehe..
Yoseob oppa ! neomu boggo shipposoyo.. lame tak tengok B2ST comeback stage..
dgr citer diorang comeback smer ngan Fiction, 17 May.. tp x pasti lagi.. huhu.. 


cumel gila :)

miss my cutie ♥ really miss his lovely voice  

Beautiful Show :D

WARNING ! the cute guy with crown is MINE !! hehehe.. *justkidding

#credits is in the pictures :D