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Happy Birthday Dongwoon and Hyuna

 Happy birthday Hyuna and Dongwoon !! :D this two from CUBE shared the same birth date ^^

(old picture, sorry)

Kim Hyuna : 6.6.1992  Son Dongwoon : 6.6.1991

 Dongwoon's Birthday Twitter Updates

@beastdw데뷔하고세번째맞는생일입니다 늘 저를지켜주셔서 감사한 우리 가족들 친구들 스탭들 팬들 오늘받은 이 감사한마음 배로 보답드릴께요 사랑합니다모두들♥
Translation: @beastdwThird birthday since my debut. My family, friends, staff, and fans thank you for always protecting me and I will return my thankful hearts. I love you all ♥

@itzmeys남신님 생일축하드려용.
Translation: @itzmeys Male God-nim happy birthday

@beastdw@itzmeys 캬캬캬 짱!!
Translation: @beastdw@itzmeys kyakyakya the best!!

Translation: @BeeeestDJ Birth date of Son Dongwoon

@beastdw@BeeeestDJ 키야 헬스메이트ㅋㄷ
Translation: @beastdw@BeeeestDJ Kiyah my workout mate keke

Twitter Sources: Dongwoon's twitter1, 2, 3, Yoseob's twitter, Doojoon's twitter

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