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Namjaga saranghal ddaen~
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My hubby's birthday !!!

Assalamualaikum :) annyeong !

actually aku malas nk update . tp rasa tak best la kalau tak update pasal Myungsoo aku . haha

13.03.13 INFINITE's visual L/Kim Myungsoo birthday !!! 
Saengil Cukkahamnida L oppa ! oppareul neomu saranghaeyo ! ^_^

Myungie's birthday cake !!! :D aigoo keyowo XD 
he's 22 years old in Korean age :)

ININITE's COMEBACK !!! finally comeback jugak diorang ni :') /cry a Han river/

'MAN IN LOVE' jinjja daebak ! lagu dia best gilaaa . tarian pon .
double WOW !!! XD *excited*
they look PERFECT on stage *O* screaming like crazy when watching them on Mubank XD 

and.. oh ! I really like the lyrics ! :D

"When a man's in love, he wants to stay by your side. There's always so much he wants to do for you"

"When I'm in love, I want to give everything in my life for you. With just one expectation, your heart"

lirik dia sweet sangat ! :D

btw, aku addicted dgn lagu Teen Top MISS RIGHT ! best gilaaaaaa ! :D
my L.Joe ! 

Lalalalala Lalalalalala Lalalalalalala , oh L.Joe you got me crazy ~ XD

nk tukar lagu blog tp taktau nk boh lagu apa . Nuest's Hello, Teen Tops's Miss right or Infinite's Man In Love ? hmm :/

konklusinya, entry aku kali ni semua pasal K-POP :D hehe bye-yum !!!